Walking Upstream

Guided exploration

learn how you are wired, and deal more easily with recurring challenges

You are tired of dealing with certain situations that keep happening to you. They may be annoying, challenging or uncomfortable. In contact with 'difficult' people, in showing up for yourself, in being with certain emotions or behaviour etc. You have tried before to 'deal with it', yet so far without lasting success. Sometimes short time remedies work, but you want to master it on the long run.

You will recognize and process root causes beneath those recurring challenges.
It gives you a clear picture of your most persistent patterns, and the (old) stories you keep telling your self. Stories which might not even be true or yours to begin with.
These insights help to be with the discomfort and build trust that you are fully capable to be and deal with it.

We create your trail together, tailored to your needs.
Intuitive systemic work, breath & stress release will be at the core. Other guiding tools we can use are embodiment travels, holistic & energetic massage and co-active coaching. In the moment we are tuning in what techniques and guides are important to use.