Purposed Trail

Integrated approach

mix of all three trails plus roadmap to your future

You live your life head-on instead of full-on. Looking for more, better, different. Because the current reality is not always convenient or fulfilling. You might feel disconnected from your true nature, feel tired of constantly improving... performing, proving, pleasing, perfecting. And you want to live a fulfilling life in every aspect of it.

You'll experience a delicious trail that invites you to relax, recharge and reconnect yourself to your own rhythm and roots. You expand your full body intelligence and learn to master recurring challenges. You learn to live full-on instead of head-on, on purpose and aligned with your values. At service to walk the path that is waiting for you and your unique talent and energy.

We create your trail together, tailored to your needs. Guiding tools we use are
embodiment travels, holistic & energetic massage, breath & stress release, intuitive systemic work and co-active coaching. In the moment we are tuning in what techniques and guides are important to use.