Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you are attached to something not true for you
~ Byron Katie ~

Arrival Practice

Breath & body work

slowdown to release and recharge, and connect to your rhythm and roots

Often you are in your head, sometimes you do not know if and what you are feeling. Or find out late. You're getting ahead of yourself. You might miss movement and feel numbed in your body. You'd like to change that.

You want to fully get to know, feel and inhabit your own body, your head, your heart, your being: your home.

You discover deeper layers within yourself, within the body that you are (and not have). You learn to be with uncomfortable feelings and to process memories and trauma that have settled in your body.
You become conscious of your boundaries and can dance in the experience. Recognizing your own wisdom and rhythm. This allows you to live more lightly and spatially.
Creating more space and energy to walk your authentic path and to share your talents.

We create your trail together, tailored to your needs. Embodiment travels, breath & stress release, and holistic & energetic massage will be at the core. Other guiding tools we use are intuitive systemic work and co-active coaching. In the moment we are tuning in what techniques and guides are important to use.