We can all use a little bit more compassion and playfulness in our lives

What other people say..... Frouke is a warm, committed, intelligent and creative soul, who believes in the potential of everybody's natural resourcefulness and she knows how to bring it to the surface of their lives. She does this as a people manager, coach, storyteller and embodiment guide, to make others shine. She believes in three things.

The first is relaxation, experiencing true relaxation brings you into contact with layers and parts within yourself that you had not yet discovered or where not aware of (anymore).

The second is feeling, feeling and discovering beyond words, only then do you get to your original self and know intuitively that it's right and at it's OK what you feel, what you do, who you are at that moment.

Finally, she believes in the motto: you don't know what you missed until it is back and that's exactly what she lets you experience in her trails of Mrs Barefoot.

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While traveling through her own inner and outer world (both professionally and personally), Frouke has experienced the power of true relaxation, how we have lost it all together and that our intelligence goes so much beyond the (over)used head. As a former head resident, she helps you un-cover and un-wind your full-body intelligence.

Previously, she worked as a coach, HR policy maker and leadership and talent developer in international listed companies and smaller companies, and in development organisations in East Africa and Eastern Europe. Here she learned to do business with an open heart and to creatively shape platforms for organizations and teams, to learn and perform with each other in a new open way.

Frouke studied financial business administration because it took her to the most adventurous city in the country. She also studied in Montpellier, is an ICF accredited co-active coach and completed certification and education in intuitive systemic work, professional embodiment, energetic massage, REIKI and somatic stress release therapy.

These experiences make her a citizen of the world who takes everyone as they are. But then she really does so, and that makes you feel safe with her.

Her biggest source of inspiration is people's discomfort. Providing a safe haven to help process these feelings and heal these sore spots is her passion. Expanding her clients world, activating their senses, the full body intelligence. She is most proud of her work for leadership teams and employees at Randstad, Top Employers Institute and VSO, which she introduced to, for example, their personal values, biases and unique talent beyond their comfort zone. Developing from IQ to EQ.

As a guide, she combines this creativity, energetic healing and her eye for uniqueness. Add a good dose of playfulness to that and you have the ideal companion.

Frouke lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam with a large collection of tea and always a heap of fruit at her fingertips. She was born on October 22, 1973, two weeks before the first carless Sunday in the Netherlands with people with bicycles and roller skates on the highways. She grew up in the south of the Netherlands where the Burgundian cosiness suits her well.

She has a twin brother, the cutest three nieces and dear friends with whom she likes to go to a concert or movie house, walk around, or sit down on a (camping) terrace for a good and above all pleasant conversation. If you don't find her at home, chances are she's out and about with her camper van.


Inner-Journey | Trauma Release (BRTT) & Breathwork | Healing Space | Energetic massage, REIKI | The Embody LAB | Somatic Stress-release Therapy | Tara Judelle | Embodied flow immersions | Jessica Basken | Elemental feminine embodiment | Academie voor opstellingen| Intuitive Systemic Coaching | Anodea Judith | Chakra yoga & psychology | Akademie voor massage en beweging | Holistic massage | Coaching Training Institute (CTI) | Co-active life and leadership coach | CPCC and ACC certified by ICF | Leadership & Human Capital courses | Intercultural management., Performance through People, Strategy into Action, Capability and Personality assessments, Change management, 360 Feedback.

To more (self) compassion and playfulness in this world.

As we find ourselves in a hardening and polarized landscape with an endless drive to be more productive and profitable, I feel called to add compassion, playfulness, and connection

.A humane way of living and working together. Where we connect and dance to the rhythm of life.

In the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s words “It’s in your hands to make a better world for all who live in it"

A world where we listen to understand and sometimes just be with, not to respond. Where we slow down to not hover over the essence of our very existence. Where we see the beauty in people’s faces. In each other’s eyes.

Mrs. Barefoot does so by offering nurturing space and spacious discovery to help people reconnect to their original path and their full body, and by donating 10% of the profit to
Get it done, an organization offering a platform and promoting doing good as a way of life.

Walk your life with an open heart and free spirit