living full-on instead of striving head-on
experience the magic of true relaxation and coming home to your entire body
to (re)connect to your original path, rhythm and roots
for more ease, conscious presence and meaningful action.

Are you looking for answers? For permission? For recognition? For purpose? For relaxation?
Whatever you are looking or waiting for - you won’t find it out there.
Mrs. Barefoot believes in Unwind, Ye shall Find.
You have what it takes, all inside of you. Your roots, your rhythm, your innate talent, your energy, your purpose, your natural footprint, your footing, you name it.

Ready to own it? You are able. You are capable.
You are worth it!

So, look no further and connect to the most powerful and honest compass there is!

Ever noticed how your head is taking so much space, attention, energy...? It is often the head that focuses outward and onward. Avoiding discomfort. Aiming for more, better, different. Taking away our energy and attention from what's already available and waiting for us: our infinite creative power and inner compass. You are so much more than just your headspace!

It is okay to take time and slow down, breath and reconnect. Allow yourself to reduce stress, explore, (re)discover, and come home to yourself. To your entire being and full-body intelligence - head, heart, body, soul. And move from there with more ease, conscious presence and meaningful action.... in your community, at your workplace, in your life.

Do you want to unfold what’s possible for you? By you? Join a trail and (re)discover.


On various trails, Mrs. Barefoot guides you to relax in your body, (re)discover and move from there. Light-footed, rooted in your own origin and rhythm. Together, we customize the experience to fit your needs. Check for the experience of others.

Information about the various trails and offerings:

Arrival practice 2

Arrival Practice
release stress, recharge and reconnect to your full body, rhythm and roots

Walking Upstream
learn how you are wired, and deal more easily with recurring challenges

unfold your authentic talent and energy and share it!

Purposed Trail
mix of all three trails plus roadmap to your future


Plan a free discovery session

Get answers to your questions and help with choosing the right trail or online program in a complementary discovery call. When your gut tells you yes, we'll take off.

Mind you, you are embarking on a journey exploring new (inner and outer) pastures, not an all-inclusive resort trip. It might open-up your heart and free your spirit 💥